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Ramadan 2023

You re choosing to support 300+ a month Muslims and thousands every year who's lives are touched by the adult and youth education, youth work, counselling and community work we do. The donations are for running costs alone like rent and utilities and media work, that does not include nearly £200k worth of work done for free (fee sabeelillah) by our volunteers!

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Giver +


Healer +


Pillar +


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We appreciate you.

Project Barakah Helper

You are helping towards a child who feels lost and on a journey through Islamic counselling and Islamic study.

Project Barakah Giver

You are contributing towards several adults and children being given the support and education needed through faith crisis and mental health issues.

Project Barakah Healer

You are contributing towards a sister or brother facing problems at home with no-where to run but our counselling and mediation services and heal through our community outreach work.

Project Barakah Pillar

You are contributing towards an entire Muslim centre serving hundreds on the grassroots level from Islamic counselling, mediation, Islamic studies to outreach work to new muslims, troubled souls and non-Muslims. The beauty of Islam was spread through your support, thank you and Jazākallahu Khayran.

Project Barakah Saviour

You are needed to save us from a tragic end after a decade of work, the work of Mufti Moinul and Muftiya Nasima and their children, the work of our numerous volunteers who contribute thousands of hours a year for free, to all the people who our receiving our ongoing help and the future pastoral carers and scholars we are developing to lead and expand and flourish. Dont let it end after so much good has come from our work. Thank you for being the saviour of our work. You have put forward the greatest of rewards in your Akhirah. 

Past Results

Our Story

The Work Of The Quran Institute is back and we are working harder than ever!

We are running our successful projects and sowing seeds for new groundbreaking projects, but can we rely on your support?

The following is an in-exhaustive list of results from ecosystem that includes The Quran Institute, Suhba Family Qiyams, Occidentology, Al-Madad Outreach and Mehron Nisa Women’s Centre. 

1. Training and education of thousands on-Campus UK wide and across the world delivering Palestine Advocacy Program as well as seminars for Occidentology at Dundee, Aberdeen, (Scotland) Saskatchewan, British Colombia, Simon Fraser University (Canada), Birmingham, University of Toronto, Mississauga by Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andalusi 

2. Mental Health & Faith Crisis Seminars in multiple universities King College, Sheffield University, Leeds University, SOAS, UCL, UEL by Muftiya Nasima and Mufti Moinul

3. Contributed to the Mental Health Summit with MSA’s of Canada 

4. Delivered FOSIS leadership training for ISOC leaders and members.

5. 24hrs of Fitness, Islamic Studies and Counselling offered every month for Muslims mothers and dv survivors. 

6. Public sessions spanning 20hrs open to DV sufferers, non-Muslims, those suffering from depression and faith crisis. Free food, free entry and total acceptance. 

7. Over 100hrs of Pastoral and traditional counselling, mediation and intervention for the Muslim community.

8. Over 100hrs of free SEN education 

9. Two free online seminar during COVID to provide spiritual support and company for families. 

10. Palestine awareness program for Muslims youth delivered by Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andalusi 

11. Work spanning over a year towards training listeners for the Al-Madad Listening line and development of the technology for the IP switchboard. 

12. Quran in the Cave program for over 200 students provided for free to Muslims Schools to support children during the Covid Lockdown. 

13. Hundreds of hours of video editing done by Hamza Ibn Moinul for free so that we could launch the Quran Institute online library to help sustain the Institute long term. 

14. £33,000 of free work. Thats 3,330hrs at minimum wage of £10 of manual labour from design work, management, HR work, logistical, web designing, marketing, copywriting to hall set up, cleaning, repairs. Majority of the volunteers involved were not only unpaid, but they were also Patreon’s of some or all of the causes.

15. Subsidised and sponsored numerous low income families, dv survivors, Muslims with faith crisis and families to learn, heal and grow at the flagship course at the Quran Institute, The Family Program.

It all began 9 years ago when Mufti Moinul and Muftiyah Nasima who were youth workers serving the community within their locality. It took them almost a decade of real life experience to realise there was a complete disconnect between the benefits of the sacred sciences and the grassroots reality.


Dejected and disappointed, they embarked on a journey to find a way forward for the community that started with their own personal development. Since then they had achieved a rare feat of completing 2 degrees within the Islamic Sciences ('aalimiyah and iftaah) while raising 4 children, working for a living and caring for elderly parents.

Determined to carry this load and prove that everyone has the right to knowledge; they have in the last 3 years established 4 organisations that serve over 300 people. Mufti Moinul and his wife were always adamant that their dawah and khidmah succeeds through a different way of measuring things: barakah. Specifically, giving people's life meaning in exchange for good will- for us to become more than the sum of our parts. 

At the heart of everything is the belief that we can do extraordinary things if we master the ordinary. Their lives are proof of this concept; the idea that everyone has a right to knowledge and that anyone can be extraordinary to make a difference.

We started in a laundry room of a council flat, teaching a handful of children and have now expanded to multiple buildings, numerous staff and an ecosystem of causes.

We are collective of families, muftis, muftiyas, huffadh, counsellors psychotherapists, clinical supervisors, academics, university lecturers and qualified school teachers. We give up almost every evening and weekend to build a spirit of giving for the common good.

Youth Work

At the heart of it all, we are a cause that requires a financial model to survive and become independent as opposed to a business that plays to the status quo.

Our Directors are: Mufti Moinul Abu Hamza (Founder), Muftiyah Nasima (Co-Founder), (Director), Munim Chowdhury (Compliance Officer)

Our Directors are: Mufti Moinul Abu Hamza (Founder), Muftiyah Nasima (Co-Founder), (Director), Munim Chowdhury (Compliance Officer)

The Institutes

What the funds are for?

Here’s the unique part of our work. The donations are for running costs alone like rent and utilities and media work, that does not include the volunteers and founders who do not earn a penny for running operations. We the founders have day jobs and we contribute to this with our time and money because we believe in this work. Our managers bring expertise from their professional careers.

This creates a highly efficient use of funds where 25k will get (in crude terms) 200k of work, and 100k will get a million’s worth Insha’Allah!

Here are our current organisations within the ecosystem:

1. Al Madad Outreach- muslim centric mental health (listening line), mediation, counselling, intervention.

2. The Quran Institute- to build everlasting relationships by providing a hub for young muslim families to grow together. We believe in scholarship, activism and outreach through the prism of family.

3. The Quran Academy- nurturing and discovering the future talent of this ummah through critical thinking and Quran studies.

The Community

4. Suhba Collective- providing a home away from home for restless souls whilst building bridges within the community through collective worship and social consciousness.

5. Mehron Nisa- Lack a centre run for and by young muslim mothers. A centre that combines physical and mental health, self defence and empowerment through islamic education- a refuge and outlet for young mothers.

University Outreach

6. Occidentology

This is our education and dawa work to support Muslims on university campuses. The Occidentology Department is a pioneering research initiative to study, research, (build a framework for research) and culture its attendees in the study of the Occident (‘The West‘) from an objective standpoint. It is both a course, comprising of lectures and workshop-style tutorials, and a research group.

Help Our Vision Grow

Help promote our work as a template for families and communities in the West, make dua for us and encourage others to donate. This org has achieved so much in such a small period of time, it deserves far more support for the work put in. We need to prioritise what's actually needed in our communities instead of expanding evermore empty prayer halls.

Here's where you come in:

1. Raise awareness- share this video and our future posts, help us to fundraise, share on whatsapp groups

2. Donate- especially during this holy month where your reward is multiplied!

3. Network- we all know someone who’s wealthy, we need you to reach out to them and help us secure funding

4. Speak to family and friends about us and benefit from the numerous projects we deliver.

5. And finally make dua that Allah makes it all a success.

Our successes to date

Only by the Grace of Allah (swa), we are constantly benefitting around 350 people a month, through the four organisations that work as an ecosystem. We need funding to open our new faith crisis listening line and a women’s centre.

Barakah is a child from the madrasah inspiring his parents to have a new lease in life and begin their Qur’an studies

Barakah is married couples choosing to study the Deen together and then giving back to the community

Barakah is when someone with faith crisis embark on a journey to become a student of knowledge

Bārakallahu feekum

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