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Critical Thinkers Scholarship

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The Qur’an Institute was set up by Ustadh Moinul Abu Hamza and his wife Ustadha Nasima Umm Hamza, both Alim and Alimah in their own right. They are a husband and wife team of activists and students of knowledge who made it their mission to make learning of the Arabic language and the classical texts accessible to the Muslim community.

Ustadh Moinul abu Hamza

Founder / Head Instructor

Moinul Abu Hamza is the founder of The Quran Institute and a teacher in Tafsir Studies. He is an active Dawa carrier, writer and Khateeb in London. He is currently pursuing his Iftaa qualification and training to be a jurisconsult (Mufti) under the tutelage of Mufti Tosir of Darul Iftaa Birmingham. He began his studies in the UK and continued his studies in Arabic, Tafseer and sharh of hadeeth and Tajweed in Egypt. He has studied Qira’aat in Al-Azhar Masjid and attained accreditation from Seminary of Sheikh Ma’sarawy. He has achieved an Alimiyyiah Qualification under the tutelage of Sheikh Akram Nadwi in Al-Salaam Institute and is currently teaching The Arabic Renaissance Course at The London Muslim Centre.

Additional information about the ‘Alimiyyah

The Shahada al-‘Alimiyyah has been translated as ‘Licence in Islamic Scholarship’ and is the most distinguished accolade awarded by the Institute. Students will spend a minimum of two years under the tutelage of Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi perfecting their studies in the Islamic Sciences. After the two years, students will be entitled to sit their final exams which will be in Arabic, which will then signify the completion of the ISP and grants the student full authorisation in Islamic Scholarship (shahadah). This is in addition to the ijazat received throughout the ISP upon completion of certain texts of fiqh and hadith, and those issued on our Sacred Sciences Journeys.

Additional information about Ijazaat

He attained Ijazaat Amma & Samaa’ from the following shuyoukh in the UK

1. Shaykh Mohammed Akram An-Nadwi
2. Shaykh Muhammad Ziad bin Omar al-Tuklah - Kitab al-Ikhlas wa-al-Niyah of Ibn Abi al-Dunya and Juz al-Ansari
3. Shaykh Muhammad Ayyub Surti; senior student of Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri and possessor of one of the highest and unique Hadith isnads in the United Kingdom - Ijazah for al-Awail al-Sunbuliyyah

He attained Ijazaat Amma & Samaa’ from the following shuyoukh in Al-Maghrib from the city of Rabat and Fez

1. Shaykh Abdur Razzaq al-Kattani
2. Shaykh Badr al-Din al-Kattani
3. Shaykha Nuzha Kattaniyyah
4. Shaykha Nurul Huda Kattaniyyah
5. Shaykh Jafar al-Kattani
6. Shaykh Muhammad Abdur Rahman al-Kattani
7. Shaykh Abdur Razzaq al-Jay
8. Shaykh Muhammad al-Siqalli
9. Shaykh Imam Abdur Rahman al-Kattani (possessor of the highest isnads in the world) Ijaza samaa’ (hearing) of the entire Shamail of Tirmidhi
10. Shaykh Muhammad Idris al-Fasi al-Fihri (Khatib of Jami al-Qarawiyin)
11. Shaykha Bahiyyah al-Qutbiyyah (107 years old and student of Imam Tahir Ibn Ashour)

He attained Ijazaat from the following scholars from Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Madinah Al-Munawwarah

* الشيخ رحمة الله بن عبد الغني البرماوي سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية وأوائل الكتب الستة والدارمي والموطأين وبر الوالدين.
* الشيخ حامد بن أحمد بن أكرم البخاري سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية
* الشيخة منيرة بنت جمال سنبل سمعنا منها الحديث المسلسل بالأولية وأوائل الكتب الستة والدارمي والموطأين وبر الوالدين.
* الشيخ علي بن سالم بن سعيد الحضرمي سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية
* الشيخ عبد الله التوم سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية والأوائل السنبلية وعوالي الغيلانيات
* الشيخ عبد الرحمن بن حسين الموجان الغامدي سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية والحديث المسلسل بالمحبة والأوائل السنبلية كاملاً وعوالي الغيلانيات
* الشيخ عبد الوكيل بن عبد الحق الهاشمي سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية والحديث المسلسل بالعين والأوائل السنبلية كاملاً وعوالي الغيلانيات
* الشيخ عبد القيوم بن عبد الغفور السندي سمعنا منه الحديث المسلسل بالأولية والأوائل السنبلية كاملاً وعوالي الغيلانيات.

Ustadha Nasima umm Hamza

Co-founder / Instructor

Ustadha Nasima Umm Hamza holds a degree from Queen Mary University in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and recently graduated with distinction in her Licence in Islamic Scholarship (Alimiyyah) from Shaykh Akram Nadwi. She is currently an Islamic Studies and Arabic teacher by profession and an instructor at The Quran Initiative.

Ustadh Ahmed Al-Jendy


Ustadh Ahmed holds a bachelor's degree in Arabic department faculty of Arts and humanities and diploma for teaching non native speakers from Dar Aloloom Cairo University. He also holds a Premasters in language and Grammar faculty of Arts and Pedagogy degree in the faculty of Education.

He is currently studying premasters in Adab and Balagha faculty of Arts and humanities.

Ustadh Safaruk Chowhury


BA, AKC in Philosophy, MA, MPhil PHD. Currently doing a PHD specialising in Khurāsānian Sufism.